So, while I haven’t been really away from the anisphere, my engagement with other bloggers have become very minimal, if not limited, for the past few months — or should I say whole year? I would prefer to believe that I was just trapped in a very hard level/stage of a game, and I finally got the rare quest item/ pre-requisite skill to reach the next level. Seriously though, I think I have procrastinated enough. It’s time for me to “come back”. orz

For those who are curious enough, my previous post from the old world was all about the work I’ve been doing in the corporate. Right now, I’m in charge of a lot of tedious report-related tasks which is why there is hardly time for me to wear my blogging hat. And since I’m in GMT+8 while a lot of people I closely work with are in US, sometimes I just gotta be online at night, aside from doing my regular morning shift. And no, I can’t dedicate myself at night because my primary stakeholder works with the Asia region. While I can easily shut off my mind while watching pure entertainment and trivial plot (I’m looking at you Nisekoi), I haven’t been able to sit down and digest it for reflection which is something I used to do, and the way I get the creative juices running for blogging.

Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not like I was able to free up my schedule or anything. I guess given the circumstance I must try a lil harder. One of the things I’ve been struggling really is effectively compartmentalizing my brain so I know when to switch on and off the one I use for my morning job and for blogging. I guess when it comes down to it, I just really miss the community as well. I prefer not to think like this but I must say that my twitter has been full of cobwebs these days. I used to talk to someone almost everyday back then but now I rarely do. I’ve been broadcasting tweets to an empty vacuum.

To be honest, even with this restart I’m not expecting to have the previous readers I’ve had to be back. It’s like the connection I had back then not just deteriorated but vanished because of the hiatus. Because of that, I may seek out some fresh blood sooner or later, if you know what I mean. But of course, I appreciate the fact that some of the guys (read: veterans, hahaha) from the sphere still haven’t forgotten me. And so, with that, I guess I’m pretty much in the scene again? No, really I mean it. If this new site will rot again, why bother making a new one.

My only problem I guess is — new anime releases haven’t been making me excited for the past 3 seasons? Well some do but — I used to watched around 10 every season, now I’m lucky to be following around 5. I’ve been doing a lot of rewatching though so my posts from here on might be a bit a untimely for some people. I hope however it’s going to incite some discussion.

Also, the OP image is Angel Beats! because I feel like the community have had a lot of people who already moved on except for me, and few others hahaha!

Well, I think that’s it for now? Watch out for some posts soon! And for those who are still keeping me in their Blogrolls, please do update them into this one if you have time! I would appreciate that. And — if you don’t find yours beside and you have an inkling that you should be, don’t hesitate to ask me because I somewhat excluded blogs that might have retired already. In any case, if you haven’t I’m so sorry – let me know and I’ll put it there.


image credit: pixiv user (*□-□)(`ᆺ´*)