Temporal Vortex and foomafoo lives on.

You’ll read in a certain section of my old About post the intention to go for a more suited domain for Temporal Vortex. It has been six years since I’ve clinged to that domain, and now I’ve finally decided to come back and restart things thoroughly. It’s about time (pun intended!).

The idea of Temporal Vortex remains as I’m such a nutcase when it comes to the Chrono franchise.

This is an attempt to come back and redo aniblogging. The old site should still be up and alive. Interpret it as you may. I intend for it to be a repository of how I and things used to be. Deleting it is just too much for me. I spent six years in anisphere using that site after all. I’ll never be that person who would suddenly vanish. I just can’t bury the fun memories of meeting a lot of nice and interesting people during those years.

Have fun traversing here and there.

My mailing address remains the same. You can contact me at navinaj[at][gmail][dot][com].


image credit: pixiv user とみ

Last update: July 7, 2014