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Barakamon - First Impressions

Barakamon – First Impressions

From the onset, we follow the story of Handa Seishuu, a professional calligrapher who happens to screw up when he punched a curator. Since respect for the elderly/authority has been one of the standard values in Japan, he was more or less condemned by others for such an insolent and immature reaction to a criticism (no matter how funny the scene was). As some sort of punishment/time off,... Read More!


So, while I haven’t been really away from the anisphere, my engagement with other bloggers have become very minimal, if not limited, for the past few months — or should I say whole year? I would prefer to believe that I was just trapped in a very hard level/stage of a game, and I finally got the rare quest item/ pre-requisite skill to reach the... Read More!